The fundamental values for the Fania tradition began many years ago, but the expansion of the business today still owes much to the style of Anthony Fania. ‘Always improve your skills and knowledge of the industry and provide customers valuable options to provide solutions’.


In our pursuit of further expanding our horizons, Fania Roofing is proud to say that we are a member of a group of non-competing roofers across North America who hold each other accountable for strategic goals and constantly try to improve the experience for our customers.  Fania is also involved in a captive insurance group with other like-minded roofing contractors who hold safety in high regard; together we abide by a stricter set of safety regulations more stringent than OSHA.


Our Service Department leverages its extensive database of all work performed to continually study how different roofs fare under unique circumstances, location, traffic, age, etc.  One of the best sources of information is our RoofGuard inspection program where through semiannual roof inspections we are able to monitor the conditions of the roof after the harsh season changes. 


Since our inception in 1947, Fania Roofing has demonstrated a concerned attitude towards environmental stewardship and prided itself on value engineering, assuring roof performance longevity. We are firm believers that regardless of roof type or environmental requirements an owner may have, the best endorsement of sustainability and protection of the roofing asset itself is through routine inspections and preventive maintenance – not dealing with problems after they occur.



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